About Elmer

Elmer Godstone received his first Holy Bible when he was 3 years old. While his peers were watching cartoons and playing with Barbies and GI Joes, Elmer was engaged with the greatest story of all: our savior Jesus Christ. At the age of 16, Elmer traveled the United States telling of the glory of God.

After years on the road, Elmer gained a following through his interpretation of God’s word. At the age of 25, God spoke to Elmer and told him to begin his own church. The American Christian New Revelation Association has now existed for over 35 years. Services originally started at the Godstone barn but soon it was clear a true church needed to be built. After a fire burned down the ACNRA’s primary complex in 2009, Elmer has appeared at satellite ACNRA member churches throughout the United States. For donation and inquiries about ACNRA certification, contact Elmer at elmergodstone@yahoo.com

ACNRA Church in MT



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