Ignore the Leprechaun hat. I am not endorsing anti-Irish sentiments. It was the best picture I could find of a pot of gold

Every now and then, I get asked to either donate money to a charity or people asking me which charities I think they should donate money to.  Every time, I let both parties know that I do not give my money to charity and encourage them to either put the money into ACNRA if they want to give it to a good cause or to keep it somewhere safe.  Based on my experience and what I’ve witnessed, it has become apparent that charities exist as glorified robbery.  People give the impression that the money they are donating is going towards the cause which they support when in actually maybe 10 percent is being spent on research or support for the issue, while the other 90 is going into the pockets of those who work for the “non-profits”.

The people who work in these organizations don’t do it because they care about the cause, they do it because they care about the money that they are making because they’ve been able to trick good-hearted hard-working Americans into forking over money for them to spend.  If you want to see the true faces trying to support a cause, look at the volunteers who work just as hard as paid staff and do it because they truly have a passion.  These volunteers are blissfully unaware that they are being used as pawns by the associations, because even the staff are smart enough to realize that it takes personal passion to encourage those to donate.

Thanks to tax breaks and government law, these scam organizations are able to work with no checks and balances installed by our President Barack Obama.  Fittingly, he was involved in community efforts early in his career, so he knows how much money there is to be made by tricking people and it is a lesson he has understood all throughout his political career.

Once you sell someone on the idea of them showing their true colors and proving they are good-hearted, you can go back time and time again to make them prove their worth.  Volunteers are sent to meet or call these individuals asking for money, and it puts them in such a terrible situation where they don’t want to let the person down and don’t want to shatter their own mental image of being a decent human being, so they give money even in times when they cannot afford the spending.

I do believe that there are maybe a handful of charities which are honest, but none of them are on a grand scale.  The big boys that funnel millions and even billions of dollars and then have the audacity to partner with businesses and get free television advertising  and unwarranted support from the partner companies are the ones who don’t deserve a penny of any Americans money.  Unfortunately no one in the Jew-run media is willing to expose all these non-profits for the frauds that they are and even the conservative press knows that they can’t go on the attack because it makes it appear that the right-wind would be biased against whatever issue the charities represent.  And suddenly the Americans with Disabilities Act

Another name for the ADA Act of 1990

is being thrown in the face of the accuser and Jew lawyers manipulate the law to make it seem like those who are trying to show the truth are instead biased and ugly (I just found this link and my jaw hit the floor).

The only way to stop this unchecked manipulation is to stop donating to any cause.  That would force these charities into begging the treasury for money and if they were fortunate to have any funding approved, it would leave a money trail that would expose everyone from the top executives on down as thieves who have taken advantage of the most pure-hearted Americans.


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