It greatly upset me this week to learn that a teenager in Peshtigo, Wisconsin was arrested after the police found multiple pipe bombs in his home.  While this certainly should cause anyone to be upset, it’s extra troubling to me and the ACNRA because Peshtigo has been on our shortlist of places to build a new complex.  One cannot be entirely certain that this is the only potential threat in what otherwise seemed like a peaceful area.

I decided to research the area a little further and my son Teddy pointed out to me that there was a musician from the area who called himself Peshtigo.  I was curious to see if this might have been the type of music that a pipe bomber would listen to and at first, it seemed like that wasn’t the case at all.  The first song I listened to was just instrumental and clearly showed that the performer had talent.  Intrigued, I decided to listen to the next song listed called “Permission to Party”.

I was appalled by what I heard.

The song is a mockery of our men and women serving overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan and all across the world.  Peshtigo creates a sergeant character who barks orders of explicit sexual demands while joking about weapons and death.  The song sickens me and makes me so upset that someone would waste their talent creating a song glorifying acts of the devil and mocking the warriors who defend our glorious United States of America.

Teddy called Neil into the room to hear the song and he was visibly upset by what Peshtigo, who is apparently a man named Evan Pillak, was saying in the song.  If not for his irregular heartbeat, Neil would’ve been an honorable soldier serving both God’s army and the army of the United States.  What “Permission to Party” does is spit in the face of the men and women who have died since 1776, making their lives seem trivial in lieu of fornication and partying.  It astounding how I find this song even more disgusting than the fraud John Kerry’s comment about the education level of military personnel.

We are currently trying to track down the best means of communication or security required to have this song removed from the internet.  In the meantime, I urge you to not listen to the music of Peshtigo and keep your children and friends away from such a shameful message.  God Bless the USA and the men who keep us safe.

Edit: Peshtigo has re-uploaded song. Link changed


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