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Teddy brought my attention to a song that has apparently been a big hit on radio stations across the nation called Pumped Up Kicks by a group called the The Foster People.  If you strip away the words from the song, it has a undeniably catchy beat that sounds carefree.

However, all across America, people are either overlooking the lyrics or so desensitized that the meaning behind them does not phase them.  It is undeniable that the song is from the perspective of a Columbine-like shooter who is on a murderous rampage, telling those that have fancy athletic shoes that they better be fast enough to outrun the bullets he is firing at them.  It is sick and twisted and inexplicable how this could sneak its way onto a radio station, even moreso thousands across the country and that this group could be making millions and millions of dollars as a result.

The song is clearly Satanic in its message and imagery, but the devil himself worked his black magic to create a tune that seems innocent at first listen with the aforementioned carefree beat.  This proves my long-standing theory that Satan is evolving to become more and more effective.He knows that in today’s modern world of technology that kids can find ways to easily skip past his message.  So instead of working through music that is outright abrasive to many (for example, his previous work through Marilyn Manson and heavy metal music starting in the 70s through the early 90s and again in the late 90s), he has brought his shadow across something that seems innocent.  I’m certain many church-going Christians have heard this song and even hummed along to it.  Maybe even while they were on their way to church.  But this song and it’s amazing popularity are just crystal clear examples of how the morals of this country have fallen apart, in particular under the Obama administration and it’s failure to utilize the FCC in a manner that would eliminate such hateful garbage from making it’s way on the air.

I do believe in Free Speech and even as a Christian, you have seen on this website that I’m not afraid to post images or words that are offensive if the essence of the statement is an absolute truth.  I do have a sense of humor as evidenced by my continued appreciation and love for Fishticks Comedy (especially Whit Shiller, the funniest of them all) , but I do not believe in gallows or dark humor.

The "Whit"-iest one of them all!

It is not loving or appreciative of life, and even those who say this song is tongue-in-cheek and reference the group’s freedom of speech, I just can’t believe that there is no outrage or protest. It’d be one thing if this was some no-name group and this was a song buried on some no-name album.  But this was one of the biggest hits of the summer and millions of Americans didn’t blink an eye as they celebrated a Columbine-type shooting. Oh wait! Obama’s green job czar (unchecked communist power anyone?) Van Jones had this to say about Columbine…

As much as I try to fix this world and fight darkness, some things are just out of my hand.

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In a shocking twist, just as our communist president is pushing a new jobs bill, one of technology’s giants has passed away.

His name was Steve Jobs.  Details surrounding his death are limited, with many people assuming that he passed away due to his pancreatic and liver ailments.

It’s time to start looking deeper people.  Steve Jobs created tools that will one day replace human beings.  The iPod, the iPhone and the iPad are all paving the way for the iHuman.

Forcing us to accept this hogwash! Reminds me of an other group trying to fight our 1st Amendment rights!

While Jobs was certainly an innovator, I have my suspicion that he wanted to delve even further and it was our government that prevented him from waging war.  Can you imagine Apple creating it’s army of droids, countering our soldiers here at home in a ploy to overtake the US Government?  Based on the clear ambition of the company, I think they saw the opportunity was there in our rocky political climate and weakened reserve at home that they could have made the push.

Was he Osama bin Laden?  Absolutely not, but I think that he could’ve conquered this nation because of the millions of followers he had in the palm of his hand, who waited anxiously for whatever gadget or gizmo he came up with next.  Perhaps he didn’t even need to weaponize Apple, he could’ve made a political run, even creating his own iParty.  I think the Democrats and Republicans saw this and in a rare instance, they made a pact to end the potential reign of a true visionary.

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According to the frauds over at NASA (Illuminati anyone?) , it is expected that in the very near future, large pieces of space equipment will come crashing back down into the earth’s atmosphere and potentially damage buildings and even kill people who are targeted.  Apparently, this was not wholly unexpected and these space scientists knew that one day this would come.  They claim that the earth’s atmosphere should eradicate most of the danger, but due to the fallacy of global warming, more space junk will come through.

If this is the case and we knew all along that people could one day stand to be killed, why does the liberal, Jew-run media continue to praise our CATHOLIC president who insisted all along that we go up in space as well.

Need I say more?

Was it because we were in such a hurry that these materials could not sustain themselves in orbit?  I don’t seem to recall this happening to any of the Russians!

Regardless, this is once again our True Father reiterating to us that we have no business going up in space.  As I’ve said before, Apollo 13, Challenger and Columbia are almost a linear progression to this point where we stand.  The last disaster, only small pieces and particles were scattered and landed all throughout Texas.  WE DID NOT HEED THIS WARNING and low and behold, we are in an even more dire situation…well, most of us are.


God creates limitations and restrictions and he expects us to follow the rules or anticipate the punishment.  This goes all the way back to Adam and Eve.  So when God issues a stern warning and it’s not followed, that greatly upsets Him.  Through his fairness, he was willing to give us a second and even a third strike, but now there is no more time for forgiveness.

Those that are at the greatest risk are not confined to a single area or “hemisphere” as these scientists claim they are.  Those at risk are the ones who have rejected God, who have sinned, who have put all their faith in science and are unwilling to heed to the One who created that science.  God put all the universe in place and set things where they are for a reason, but we have continued to break the rules.

Science VS. God

Interestingly, this occurs at almost the exact same time that billionaires have cooked up a scheme to send non-astronauts into orbit for a very brief period.  The cost for this ride: $200,000.  Amazingly, over 400 people have already agreed to this price and are ready for the trip.  That’s 80 million dollars.  It only seems to follow the trajectory that one of these trips will be the next great “tragedy”, as if we should mourn those who break the rules and that costs them their lives.  I don’t see us crying any tears over the Taliban’s members getting killed.  Actually, having said that I’m sure there are some extreme lefties on college campuses continuing to say that if even a single person dies in combat, regardless of affiliation, it is a tragedy.

Wahh!! Ja-hadiah Ran Mudefen died!!

With God in control, he will guide this debris.  With God in control, those who continue to disobey him will suffer the ultimate fate.  It is the way, the truth and the light.

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Recently, there has been some debate between Republicans about the human pappilomavirus (HPV) and it’s relevance in our modern times.  Some commentators think it is an issue that could swing the election, while I have the more reasonable point of view that it is irrelevant with a Chicago poltician running the country, all kinds of magical votes will appear to swing it in his favor.
What is interesting to me is that the truth about HPV still remains elusive and even these politicians are acting like they don’t know where it came from or why this vaccine is important.
Let’s get to the facts:
HPV was created by a secret division of the government specializing in biochemical and virus-based warfare.  Among these scientists, they credit HPV as a stepping stone towards the creation of the more powerful HIV and AIDS.
With HIV and AIDS becoming the more dominant devastating disease, the government is now trying to cover up HPV since after generations, the virus is something that most Americans are immune to (Europeans and other foreigners are still at a great risk because of their minimal exposure over the past several decades). It’s just the government trying to control us because they are afraid of us.
The HPV “prevention” shot is actually an activation shot, which weakens the white and red blood cells that fight against the virus and instead allow it to penetrate and spread, even non-sexually.  Pretty special for something that is supposedly an STD.
With the vaccine’s adjustment of the cells, in some cases, that has adjusted the neutrons and electrons that your brain signals throughout your body, causing irreversible mental retardation within days.  A brave woman told Michelle Bachmann of what happened to her young daughter after “treatment”, but now the Jews and the government-run media are spinning it to make sure that this seems impossible and that the story is false.  They cite a bunch of fake doctors who pretend to be experts, but the only thing they are experts at are getting a Ph D and cashing the check the government gives them for backing false claims.

American Patriot

I implore you to not allow your children to be subjected to this vaccine and to end the mandate in some states requiring their kids to become victims.
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September 11th, 2001 is the darkest day of all-time.  I know that might seem like a powerful statement, especially from someone like me who is willing to acknowledge some of the bible’s worst atrocities.  What makes 9/11 so dark is not just the death and the neverending sense of loss, it is the fact that so many people have profited from it.

First off, most obviously, is our “president” barack HUSSEIN OBAMA who still continues to skate by without anyone asking where he was on that terrible day.  I’ve covered it before, but the Jew-run media never attacks him on this mysterious gap.

Moslems have profited through our absurd acceptance and allowance of them to roam free in this great land.  When the Japs attacked us, they did it through their military and our true leaders knew not to take any chances and rounded up all of those who could also be traitors and put them in camps where we could keep an eye on them.  What happened after 9/11?  We were told that all the Arabs and Indians still free in the USA were not like the others and that we shouldn’t be angry towards them.   EXCUSE ME?

Whats next for America

We weren’t attacked by the Afghan army, we were attacked by people just like these supposed “decent Moslems”, and it was because of our acceptance that they got to walk on those planes and mark their course to the deepest pit of Hell.  America has never been safe since those attacks because a race of people that have no business being in this country are not in camps for monitoring right now.  And if we did that, somehow we’re the bad guys, give me a break.

Sarah had it right. Country First!

Lastly, I would love to really go deep into the underground vaults in the Vatican City to see how much the Catholics have pocketed while supposedly raising money for victim’s families or memorials for that awful day.  Just like they shuffle priests around, the Black Pope is cooking the books with this influx of money and no one, not even the terrorists or the Jews, will be able to trace it.

I’m proud to be an American, but I’m not proud of our ignorance and our misguided attempts to be “correct”.

Laugh All you Want. Real "Change" is coming

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Only weeks after the horrifying news about a potential suicide bomber in Peshtigo, now comes the news that a devastating fire has ripped through the area.  For those of you who say that history never repeats itself and that there is no way Christ will return, this should finally open your eyes.  While many know about the Great Chicago Fire, few have spent the time to learn that almost simultaneously there was a fire raging in Peshtigo, Wisconsin.  However, since Peshtigo isn’t a metropolis where people could booze and sleep with loose women, it never received its proper attention.

The modern equivalent would be how everyone mourns 9/11 for the victims in New York City and raves about the heroes in the sky who stopped the Muslim-Jewish conspiracy from attacking the white house, but the victims at the Pentagon are ignored.
What makes this extra interesting to me and proof that Satan’s manipulations are once again at all-time high is that the same “musician” I referenced a few weeks ago at the time of the bomb scare apparently is performing in Milwaukee, WI this weekend.  A reader passed along the information to me after reading a liberal scum paper called the Express in the city and saw his name mentioned.  Unfortunately, I will be in Woodbury, MN for a private fundraiser for Michelle Bachmann, and hopefully raising enough money to stop Obama from begging and borrowing from the Jew-run banks so he can control our once United States of America and allow Carl Marxist agendas to overtake our schools, healthcare and government.

I know many of you are busy, but if you can please protest the Peshtigo show at Club Cactus tonight, it would help stop this man from mocking our military and encouraging tragedy.

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